Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

We will only be delivering in your area on a set day each week. Your delivery day and time depends on where you live. Our routes are planned to minimise carbon emissions and food miles. This also means we can’t offer delivery time slots. Our drivers set off as early as 4am (our drivers won’t knock before 8.30am unless specifically told to do so) and the last deliveries are usually finished by mid to late afternoon. This ensures we have fewer vans on the road and can keep the delivery charge low.

Your deliveries tend to come at a similar time, but this can be subject to change. We order our rounds each week depending on what deliveries we have in your area. This means we make more deliveries with fewer vans, which is great for the environment.

To maintain our delivery operations we charge a small fee of 1.5pounds per delivery. This helps to pay a living wage to our delivery drivers. 

Return & Exchange Policy

As the fruits and vegetables that we deliver are perishable products they cannot be returned or exchanged once bought.