Our vision is organic food accessibility to all our customers. Today even in major supermarkets in the UK, 95% of the food is not organic. Our business is a major step in the direction of making healthy organic food accessible.

Healthy Eating

Our Objectives

Our objective is to promote food which is naturally nutritious and delicious while being healthy unlike the chemically processed food in supermarkets. We will achieve this using the following objectives

  • Obtain organic food preferably from local farmers

  • Deliver fresh organic food quickly to the people's doorsteps so that the high nutritional value of the food is maintained

  • We provide tasty and healthy recipe ideas with our organic boxes so our customers can explore their creativity to make amazing dishes.  

  • We endeavor to provide the best customer service to our customers.

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Benefits of Organic fruits and Vegetables

You can get several benefits through consuming organic foods

1. Organic fruits and veg can provide better overall health as they contain only natural elements
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2. Organic fruits and veg do not contain any toxic pesticides
3. Organic food contains a high amount of antioxidants proven by scientific research
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4. Organic food improves your heart functioning
5. Organic food helps to develop Stronger Immune System
6. Organic Food are better tasting and healthy food as mineral structures in vegetables and fruits get more time to develop and mature
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7. Organic Farming is great for environment. Conventional farming using toxic chemicals is resulting in destruction of natural ecosystems throughout the globe and so far more than 60% of the animal species have become extinct over last 8 decades while others are on verge of extinction